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Spotlight on Picket Fences

People erect fences in Palm Beach for many different reasons. They may be looking to spruce up their property, or they could be interested in enhancing their security. Picket fences are typically used for the former reason, although their versatility provides many benefits. Read on to learn more about picket fences.

It is not uncommon to find a short picket fence encasing a front yard anywhere in America. The fence may be there to keep children and animals from straying out of the yard, or it may be there to decoratively outline the boundaries of a family’s property. These types of fences tend to stand about three feet tall, but there is plenty of flexibility; houses on tall hills may make use of shorter picket fences, while those at ground level who desire enhanced privacy may choose taller fences. It is important, however, to make sure your fence complies with local building codes. Picket fences may feature various kinds of finishes in order to match whatever kind of aesthetic you choose to display with your home. They can also be excellent when it comes to keeping loiterers and bicycle riders off of your lawn.

Picket Fences in Palm Beach

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