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Spotlight on Ornamental Fences

While some homeowners may be interested in constructing a fence in Palm Beach because of the privacy it offers or its ability to contain pets to the yard, others may want to put up a fence exclusively for aesthetic appeal. This is a perfectly viable option, but it helps to know what you are looking for before going through with the fence installation.

Whereas privacy fences typically involve solid walls of fencing with pickets that are close together in order to block light from passing through, ornamental fences tend to offer a bit more flexibility and freedom in design. Steel and aluminum are popular choices when it comes to ornamental fences, as they are often sleekly designed with elaborate, decorative slats. Large wooden fences can also be highly customized to accentuate your home and offer an elevated curbside appeal. Speak with an ornamental fence contractor in Palm Beach to learn more about your options.

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