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A Guide to Designing a New Privacy Fence

Putting up a privacy fence around the perimeter of your yard can be an excellent way to keep it as private as possible. However, before you install a privacy fence in Palm Beach, you should carefully consider a number of factors to make sure that the fence will work for you and your community. Here are several things to think about prior to putting your new privacy fence up.

Will the local government approve of your privacy fence?
Long before you pick out a new fence or begin fence installation, you should look into what codes exist in your city regarding privacy fences. There’s a chance that you may need to keep your fence under a certain height or

Privacy Fence in Palm Beach

use a certain type of fencing material. If this is the case, it would be a shame to put up a fence and then have to take it down later simply because you didn’t look into what the codes are.

Will your neighbors like the look of the fence?
Part of the reason you’re probably putting up a privacy fence is to keep your neighbors’ wandering eyes out. However, you should be considerate and run your fencing ideas by them just to make sure they don’t have a huge problem with them. After all, you will essentially be sharing your fence with them.

Will you need to vary the design of your fence?
You may not need to put up a privacy fence that is six feet high all the way around. There may be some areas that only require, say, a four-foot fence. You can work with a fencing company that can help you to vary your design so that it looks great once your fence goes up.

Will your fence look the way you think it is going to look?
Before you jump headfirst into a fence installation project only to find that you don’t like the look of it later, put up a test privacy fence around a small portion of your yard. It will help you to see what your fence will look like once it’s standing.

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