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How to Create Safe and Beautiful Horse Fencing

Are you considering revamping the fencing on your farm or around your horse stables? If so, keep in mind that the safety of your horses should be your first priority. The most attractive fencing won’t be useful to you if it is unsafe or ineffective at keeping your horses contained. Working with the leaders in fences in Palm Beach County can help you choose the right fencing material, design, and style for your corral or stables. Read on to learn more about making safe and beautiful horse fencing. horse - fencing

Determine the fence height you need.

Horses are strong and athletic animals, which means they are more likely to jump over fences than other livestock. If a horse is spooked, it is far more probable that it will jump over a fence instead of going under or through it. Build your fence at least 5 feet high around the outside perimeter of your horse grazing area. This helps reduce the chances that a horse will jump the fence, and also keeps them safer from people who might try to feed or pet them as they pass by. The fence should be a maximum of 8 inches off the ground at the bottom, which helps discourage grazing under the fence.

Think about wooden fencing.

Wood fencing is a beautiful and classic choice, offering a natural aesthetic appeal to your property. Be aware that wood fencing is more susceptible to changes in weather as well as damage from horse teeth. If you choose wooden horse fencing, make sure you know the amount of maintenance involved so that your fence stays effective and safe for years to come.

Consider vinyl fencing.

When you are looking for horse fencing materials, vinyl is another visually appealing option. Vinyl fencing comes in a variety of colors and styles to suit your needs, and typically needs less maintenance than other fencing options. Because vinyl fencing is somewhat flexible, you may need to supplement a vinyl horse fence with an electric fence to make sure your horses do not accidentally lean on it and break it.

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