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Palm Beach County, FL Fencing Products

What We Offer

At Fencing South Florida, we understand that the installation of a fence means nothing if the products we use cannot stand the test of time. That's exactly why we are committed to only offering the best Broward County fencing products available. You can rest assured that our products leave you satisfied with an affordable, durable, and pleasant-looking fence.

Our fencing products include:

  • Wood: Built to stand the test of time, our superior-quality wood fencing is made to exceed your local county code and ensure your fence looks great for years to come.
  • PVC: Available in multiple colors and designs, PVC fencing is our most popular seller. Wanting a custom style? Show us a photo from any competitor and we can match it!
  • Aluminum: Available in black, white, and Florida Bronze, our aluminum fencing comes in a variety of different styles, all power-coated with a lifetime warranty on the finish.
  • Chain Link: From 3 to 12 feet high, our chain link fencing is available in a variety of materials, including residential, commercial, and industrial grade.

Quality at a Great Price

Why bust your budget with an overpriced company when there is an affordable and high-quality solution right in your area? We take pride in surprising our customers with the prices we offer and leaving you happy with your new fence, as well as your wallet. Just ask and we can show you hundreds of references from customers who spent less and got more from our company!

If you are in Broward County or Palm Beach County and are looking for high-quality fencing products at an affordable price, call Fencing South Florida today at (561) 855-4255. Schedule your free estimate by speaking with one of our expert staff members!