• Planning a New Pool? Don’t Forget About Security Fencing!

    For many people, summer isn’t the same without a cool, refreshing pool to jump into on a hot afternoon. If you’re planning to upgrade your home with a new swimming pool, then you and your family are probably looking forward to lots of fun in the water. However, when it comes to this type of project, you should consider contacting a residential fencing company in Palm Beach County about security fence installation. Continue reading to learn more. pool - fence

    Pool Fencing’s Many Benefits

    Every year, children die due to accidental drownings in pools, and more children under age 5 die of drowning in Florida than in any other state . Of course, this can be incredibly alarming for parents, but there are steps that you can take to help keep your family safe around your new pool. Also, even if you do not have children, installing a pool fence is important for protecting children in your neighborhood, pets, and wildlife from drowning in your pool. Furthermore, security fencing can help keep unwanted visitors from getting into your pool and contaminating the water.

    Florida’s Residential Pool Regulations

    In the state of Florida, residential swimming pools must have at least one of several outlined safety options to pass a final inspection and receive a certificate of completion. One of these safety features is a barrier, which can be a fence, dwelling wall, non-dwelling wall, or a combination of these options. A barrier must surround and prevent access to the swimming pool, especially from the property’s residence and yard.

    Your Pool Fence Options

    Installing a security fence around your pool is one of the best ways to help keep people and pets safe while on your property. The fence should be sturdy, and its gate should have a secure latching mechanism that is out of reach of young children. As for fence type, aluminum is the most popular material for pool fences in Florida, but you can also choose from options like chain link, PVC, and wood.

  • Landscaping Ideas for Better Backyard Privacy

    There are many ways to improve privacy in a backyard. Installing a tall privacy fence near Palm Beach County and Pompano is a great way to discourage outsiders and reinforce the borders of a property. Planting large plants or incorporating the plants with the fence is another way to create an attractive and effective barrier . Continue reading for some more landscaping ideas for backyard privacy. plant - fence

    Privacy Fencing

    Privacy fences are very popular, because they are attractive, durable, and tall. Wooden or PVC fences are commonly used for privacy, because they often use thick, wide panels that are very tall. These fencing materials also come in a variety of colors and styles to match any home décor or landscaping. Both fencing materials make strong and sturdy fences. However, wooden fences will need to be stained and maintained to prevent rot and warping. PVC fences do not require routine maintenance, though they can fade with sun exposure.

    Large Foliage

    Homeowners often plant large bushes and trees to block sound and encourage privacy. Hedges are popular landscape features that can block a great amount of outside noise from the neighborhood, including street traffic. Large plants and trees can also discourage outsiders from entering a yard. This type of landscaping will still look very attractive, but it will close off a house to onlookers and help prevent people from entering someone’s property without permission.

    Plant-Fence Pairing

    Homeowners who want the best of both worlds can take advantage of a plant and fence pairing. Popular fencing options include chain link or a lattice wood fence. These fences allow for airflow and sunlight to encourage plant growth. The plants—such as vines, roses, or honeysuckles—can weave through the fencing holes or simply poke out. This pairing will create an attractive, interesting, and effective privacy fence that incorporates both plants and fences. If choosing this option, then speak with a fencing company about the best materials to use to prevent rot, rust, or warping of the fence.

  • Keep Kids and Pets Safe with Pool Fence Maintenance

    It is vital to your kids’ and pets’ safety to ensure your pool fence and gate are always kept in good condition. If your fence gate near Palm Beach County and Coral Springs does not self-latch or does not close all the way, then call your fence company for fence repairs right away. Here is a better look at the type of routine fencing maintenance you can do to protect your kids and pets:

    • As seen in the video, check the hardware on your fence gate. Ensure that it is not rusted, damaged, or loose. Ask your fence company about adding any oil or lubricants to the moving hardware.
    • Check the panels of your fence for any defects, such as rust or broken metal.
    • If you notice any damages to your pool fence, then call a fence repair company right away.

  • Aluminum Fencing: Customizable and Versatile

    Aluminum fences in Palm Beach County and Light House Point are among the sturdiest and lowest maintenance fencing options a homeowner can choose. They will not rust like other metal fences, and they can resist heavy amounts of damage. In addition to easy maintenance, aluminum fences are attractive and easily customizable to match any homeowner’s fence design. Let’s take a closer look at the many qualities that come with aluminum fencing .

    Aluminum fences look like wrought iron fences, but they are significantly lower in price and easier for fencing companies to work with. Aluminum is one of the most abundant metals found on the planet, and it is easily recycled. These qualities help make it a great fencing material, because the metal can be molded into almost any design. Homeowners can add personalized designs in their new fences or keep it clean and simple. The options are endless when it comes to aluminum fencing.

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