• How Professional Contractors Design Privacy Fences

    A privacy fence can be a welcome addition to any backyard. If you want to make your property more private, secure, and stylish , consider working with a residential fencing company in Palm Beach County to design a custom privacy fence for your yard. During the initial phases of your fence installation, your team of contractors will work with you to create a custom fence that is built according to your your desired height, layout, and materials. To help you prepare for your upcoming privacy fence installation, here is a quick look at the methods that professional contractors use to design these fences. privacy - fence

    Determine the Best Height

    Privacy fences are often taller than picket or other ornamental fences. Typically, a privacy fence will be at least 6 feet tall. During the planning and design phase of the installation project, your professional contractors will need to figure out the right fence height for your property. Along with figuring out the best height to add privacy to your home, your contractors will also need to check on local building codes.

    Explore Different Styles

    After an ideal height has been determined, you will be ready to explore different privacy fence styles with your contractor. Many homeowners choose durable wood or vinyl materials for their privacy fences. These materials are ideal because they can withstand tough weather conditions, while also providing elegance and beauty. Your professional contractor will consult with you to pick out a material that meets all of your desired specifications.

    Choose Fence Features

    The final phase of designing a privacy fence with a professional contractor will be to choose the special features that will make your fence a functional and attractive part of your property. For example, to provide you with easier access to your outdoor areas, your contractors may recommend that you include a latched gate in your design. After you have selected the best features for your design, your contractor will be ready to begin building your brand new privacy fence.

  • Try This App to Plan Your Exterior Renovations

    Your hardscaping, softscaping, and fences in Pompano all contribute to your curb appeal and the overall exterior design of your home. If you’re planning on doing renovations such as adding a chain link fence or planting a new tree, it’s wise to plan your remodel in advance. Check out this app and see how it helps with your exterior renovations.

    Every renovation must start with an idea, even if the idea changes throughout the process. If you know your exterior needs a change but you’re not quite sure how to get started, you might just need a little bit of motivation. This is where the Landscape Design app comes in. This application offers endless ideas that you can implement during your renovations, and each one is presented as a high-quality photo that you can save, share, or even set as your mobile background. If you need inspiration, look to Landscape Design.

  • Landscaping Ideas for Better Backyard Privacy

    There are many ways to improve privacy in a backyard. Installing a tall privacy fence near Palm Beach County and Pompano is a great way to discourage outsiders and reinforce the borders of a property. Planting large plants or incorporating the plants with the fence is another way to create an attractive and effective barrier . Continue reading for some more landscaping ideas for backyard privacy. plant - fence

    Privacy Fencing

    Privacy fences are very popular, because they are attractive, durable, and tall. Wooden or PVC fences are commonly used for privacy, because they often use thick, wide panels that are very tall. These fencing materials also come in a variety of colors and styles to match any home décor or landscaping. Both fencing materials make strong and sturdy fences. However, wooden fences will need to be stained and maintained to prevent rot and warping. PVC fences do not require routine maintenance, though they can fade with sun exposure.

    Large Foliage

    Homeowners often plant large bushes and trees to block sound and encourage privacy. Hedges are popular landscape features that can block a great amount of outside noise from the neighborhood, including street traffic. Large plants and trees can also discourage outsiders from entering a yard. This type of landscaping will still look very attractive, but it will close off a house to onlookers and help prevent people from entering someone’s property without permission.

    Plant-Fence Pairing

    Homeowners who want the best of both worlds can take advantage of a plant and fence pairing. Popular fencing options include chain link or a lattice wood fence. These fences allow for airflow and sunlight to encourage plant growth. The plants—such as vines, roses, or honeysuckles—can weave through the fencing holes or simply poke out. This pairing will create an attractive, interesting, and effective privacy fence that incorporates both plants and fences. If choosing this option, then speak with a fencing company about the best materials to use to prevent rot, rust, or warping of the fence.

  • Keep Kids and Pets Safe with Pool Fence Maintenance

    It is vital to your kids’ and pets’ safety to ensure your pool fence and gate are always kept in good condition. If your fence gate near Palm Beach County and Coral Springs does not self-latch or does not close all the way, then call your fence company for fence repairs right away. Here is a better look at the type of routine fencing maintenance you can do to protect your kids and pets:

    • As seen in the video, check the hardware on your fence gate. Ensure that it is not rusted, damaged, or loose. Ask your fence company about adding any oil or lubricants to the moving hardware.
    • Check the panels of your fence for any defects, such as rust or broken metal.
    • If you notice any damages to your pool fence, then call a fence repair company right away.

  • How to Increase the Privacy of Your Front Yard

    Privacy is an important part of home security and comfort. If you live in a loud neighborhood or receive frequent solicitors, then it may be necessary to install fencing or plant hedges and trees to close off your yard. These measures are also great ways to beautify your front yard and deter potential burglars. Let’s take a closer look at how plants, trees, and fences near your Palm Beach County and Pompano yard can increase your privacy. front - yard

    Install Fencing

    One of the best ways to increase your property’s privacy is to install a fence. There are a few fencing materials that make attractive and sturdy privacy fences. Wood, aluminum, and PVC are popular privacy fence materials, because they come in various colors, stains, and designs to match your preferences and property design.

    Plant Hedges

    If you choose to install metal fencing, then consider planting hedges along the fence. Evergreen hedges make attractive additions to any yard, and they can significantly cut down on outside noise pollution. Hedges will look more attractive against chain link or aluminum fences, because they are less likely to cause rust or damages to the fence material than other types of landscaping décor.

    Place Trellises

    Trellises can be used in addition to fencing, and they can contribute to lowered energy bills. If you place trellises along your home’s walls or over sun-bearing windows, then you may experience lowered cooling costs during the summers. Trellises, covered in beautiful plants and flowers, over your windows and throughout your property are another great way to promote privacy.

    Plant Trees

    Planting trees in your front yard can promote privacy by blocking your home to outsiders. If outsiders cannot easily see your front door, then they are likelier to move on to another house. If you prefer to remain private to your neighbors, solicitors, and outsiders, then ensure your front yard appears to be closed off.

  • Why Many People Choose Aluminum over Wrought Iron for Their Fencing

    Aluminum fences in Palm Beach County and Light House Point are preferred by homeowners due to their low-maintenance qualities, customizability, and low costs. When homeowners look for a secure and beautiful fence, they often look to metal fencing, such as wrought iron and aluminum. However, homeowners often find that aluminum offers better benefits than wrought iron. Here is a quick look at the benefits of choosing aluminum over wrought iron fencing.

    • Aluminum fences can withstand rust, rot, and damages that might destroy other fencing materials. If the aluminum is damaged, then it is easily repaired.
    • Aluminum is one of the most prevalent and easiest metals to work with, and that makes aluminum fences easy to customize. Homeowners can request a multitude of fence designs to suit their preferences or the property design.
    • Homeowners who desire wrought iron can choose an aluminum fence for a fraction of the cost. Due to its abundance, aluminum is easily cast into beautiful fences that look like iron. However, homeowners will not have the high-maintenance, difficult installation, or high costs that accompany wrought iron fences.

    aluminum - fence

  • How to Keep Deer Out of Your Yard

    Although they can be a lovely sight when prancing through a meadow, deer can be destructive and a nuisance if they take a liking to your landscaping and garden. Are you thinking about installing a fence near Coral Springs because of a deer problem? If so, then continue reading to learn about boundary fencing and other ways to keep this type of wildlife out of your yard. deer - backyard

    Install Motion-Activated Sprinklers

    One way to dissuade deer from wandering into your yard and decimating your landscaping is to install motion-activated water sprinklers. This type of deer deterrent sends a blast of water that can scare off deer. Also, the cool water plus the motion and sound that are activated by the animal’s movement near your yard can encourage deer to avoid your property the next time they are looking for food.

    Plant Deer-Resistant Landscaping

    If you stop by your local garden center, you’ll find that some plant species are labeled as being deer-resistant. Although deer will eat nearly any type of vegetation if they become hungry enough, deer-resistant plant varieties will be less appealing to these animals. Some examples of plants that do well in the South and are considered deer-resistant include butterfly weed, bear’s breeches, chrysanthemum, caryopteris, crocosmia, New Zealand flax, epimedium, dianthus, red hot poker, rosemary, goldenrod, and Russian sage.

    Put Up Boundary Fencing

    If you’re serious about keeping deer out of your yard, then fence installation is your best option. By putting up a fence, you can deter this type of nuisance wildlife and help protect your garden and landscaping. Although deer have been known to jump 10-foot fences, an 8-foot high fence is considered by many to be sufficient for deterring deer. There is a wide selection of fence types to choose from for this purpose. For example, privacy fencing can stop deer and make your yard more comfortable to relax in, and aluminum fencing can add elegance and character to your property while simultaneously protecting it. If other methods fail to keep deer out of your garden, then fencing is the way to go.

  • Rotted Fence Post? Follow These Steps

    When it comes to fence design, the posts play an important role in this type of structure’s function and stability. If the integrity of your wooden fence in Pompano is compromised by a rotted post, then watch this video for a step-by-step guide to replacing it.

    First, start by removing the old fence post. To do this, use a saw to cut around the rails and then remove any screws that are holding the post in place. Next, pull out the old post and any remaining pieces that may be in the ground. Then, use a post hole digger to widen and deepen the hole. Finally, add the post, fill the hole with gravel and loam, and then pin the rails to the fence post.

  • Picking a Fence That Can Stand Up to Gusty Wind

    As a resident of the state of Florida, chances are that you are all too familiar with harsh weather conditions and hurricane force winds. During the next storm, the last thing that you will want to worry about is whether your fencing is strong enough to withstand the impact. With services from a company that offers fences in Light House Point , you can rest assured that your fence installation is ready for the next big weather event. A fence company will work with you to help you create a fence that meets the weather resistance requirements of your area. Read on for a look at 3 fence styles that will not blow over in the wind. picket - fence

    Picket Fences

    White picket fences can be a classic and stylish addition to any property. When you are considering installing a picket fence around your home, it is important to know that these types of fences are also incredibly sturdy. To help ensure that your picket fence is wind resistant, you may want to ask your fence contractor to place the slats slightly farther apart.

    Vinyl Fences

    If you are shopping for a new fence that combines durability, easy maintenance, and fantastic style, a vinyl fence may be the best option for your needs. With a new vinyl fence, you will be able to create a custom design that allows for the proper distribution of wind. Placing the slats slightly farther apart will provide your fence with an aerodynamic silhouette that is highly wind resistant.

    Chain Link Fences

    When you are seeking the ultimate in wind resistance, a chain link fence could be the right choice for your property. By design, chain link fences are able to stand up to even the most powerful windstorms. If you are in need of additional privacy from your chain link fence, you can ask your contractor about the possibility of adding decorative privacy slats to your installation.

  • Before You Pick a Fence: What You Need to Know

    A new fencing installation is a terrific investment for any property owner. When you build a new fence near Palm Beach County, you will enhance the appeal, security, and safety of your land. From vinyl fencing to metal fencing and more, your fence contractor will be able to provide you with a wide range of materials and options for your new fence construction. By gathering information before you build, you will be able to create the new fence of your dreams. Here is a closer look at what you need to know before you pick out your next fence: new - fence

    Your Fencing Motivations

    Before you pick out your fence materials and begin the design and installation process, it is important to consider your motivations for building a new fence. Fences can serve a variety of purposes, so it is helpful to examine how you intend to use your fence. For example, if you are seeking privacy from your new fence, you will want to create a tall and sturdy fence design.

    Your Favorite Materials

    Along with deciphering your purpose for building your new fence, you will also want to consider which fencing materials will be best suited for your needs. Wood fences are beautiful, but they can require additional maintenance and upkeep. Modern materials, such as vinyl and aluminum, can provide you with an attractive fencing installation that is durable and easy to maintain. Some other materials to consider include chain link, wrought iron, and PVC fencing.

    Your Local Fencing Codes

    Fence installations are closely monitored and regulated by city or county authorities. To make sure that your new fence is up to code, you will want to do research into fencing codes that pertain to your local area. It may be necessary to place your fence along a certain part of your property, or to make sure that your fence is set back far enough from your neighbor’s property line.