• Top Projects for Aluminum Fences

    Many people favor aluminum when it comes to fencing material options thanks to its elegant appearance, durable nature, and many uses. If you’re planning to install new fencing near Palm Beach County and like the look of aluminum, then keep reading for some of the top projects for aluminum fences .

    Front Yard Enclosure Aluminum Fencing

    Are you searching for a way to boost your home’s curb appeal? If so, then an aluminum fence project may do the trick. Aluminum fencing has the look of wrought iron, which means it can give your front yard a neat and upscale appearance for a lower cost than an iron fence. Also, because aluminum is low maintenance, you won’t have to worry about frequent upkeep for your front yard barrier.

    Backyard Enclosure

    On the other hand, if your backyard benefits from an excellent view, but you want to have a barrier to help keep kids in or unwanted visitors out, then installing an aluminum fence may be a good project for you to consider. Adding this type of barrier to your backyard can help separate the space from the area beyond without blocking the view.

    Deer Fence

    Deer can jump high, and this type of wildlife can be a nuisance to anyone who puts work into their landscaping or vegetable garden. If you’re facing a deer problem on your property, then you may benefit from installing an aluminum fence because this attractive-looking material can be effective for keeping deer off your property while not blocking your view of the surrounding landscape. For your deer fence to serve its purpose, plan to install a barrier that reaches at least 8 feet high.

    Pool Fence

    If you own a backyard pool, then a safety fence can play an essential role in keeping children, dogs, and wildlife from falling into the pool and drowning. While there are many options to consider for pool fencing, aluminum is a popular choice because of how low-maintenance and good-looking it is.

  • What to Consider When Choosing a Fencing Material

    When it comes to fence installation, choosing a material that suits your needs and preferences is important for getting the most out of your investment. If you’re in need of new fencing near Coral Springs , then read on for advice about what to consider when choosing a fence material.

    Appearance Different types of fences graphic

    While just about every type of fencing material is available in a wide range of styles, each tends to have its own unique look. For example, aluminum fencing can mimic the appearance of wrought iron and give your property a classic and elegant feel. If you would like to emphasize your home’s rustic charm, on the other hand, then a wooden picket fence may be the right option for you.


    It’s important to ask yourself how much upkeep you’re willing to put toward your fence over the years to keep it looking its best and functioning as it should. Some fence materials, like PVC, are low maintenance and typically require only occasional cleaning to keep them bright and shiny. Other materials, such as wood, can require a bit more upkeep, such as sanding and repainting, for them to look good and remain sturdy. Also, others can be vulnerable to rust, while aluminum fencing can last for decades without facing this issue.


    Finally, perhaps the most important factor to consider when choosing a material for your new fence is the structure’s intended function. For example, installing a decorative aluminum fence around your property may be a bad decision if you’re hoping to keep a small dog in your yard, as this type of fence material generally has several inches of space between its pickets. Instead, an aluminum fence can be a good option for families with kids who need a pool safety fence. As a final example, if you’re planning to install a privacy fence, then going with materials such as wood or PVC can be a smart decision, as options like chain link and aluminum would be less effective for providing privacy.

  • Use This Free App to Discover Fence Design Ideas for Your Home

     Fence Design Ideas You might not know exactly what you want your fence near Palm Beach County to look like, but there are plenty of potential sources of inspiration for your design. You can pick up fence design ideas by scouring the Internet, driving around your neighborhood, or even downloading the right app. Use this free app to discover fence design ideas for your home.

    Choosing a new fence can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for, especially considering how many options will be thrown at you. The Fence Design Ideas app makes it easy for you to discover what you like and don’t like about different fence design options. It offers more than 100 high quality images, doesn’t take up too much space, and performs quickly. Download this app and choose from different category images to see what looks like it would fit in your space.

  • The Care and Keeping of Aluminum Fencing

    If you are seeking an incredibly durable fence material that will last for many decades, consider installing a new aluminum fence in your home’s backyard. This type of fencing is renowned for its water resistance and ability to withstand high winds and other extreme weather conditions. A company that offers fence installation near Pompano can work with you to build a beautiful aluminum addition to your property. To help you keep your aluminum fence looking brand new, here is an overview of some essential care and maintenance tips: aluminum - fence

    Wash Every Few Months

    An aluminum fence will need to be cleaned much less frequently than a wood or vinyl fence. However, it is essential that you thoroughly wash down your fence a few times a year. To wash your fence, you can use a garden hose and a gentle soap solution. Light scrubbing and rising should be enough to remove surface debris and restore shine and appeal to your aluminum fencing.

    Trim Surrounding Bushes and Trees

    Vegetation is a natural foe to an aluminum fence. When mature trees or shrubs grow too close to your fence line, they can penetrate the materials and cause structural issues. If you want your aluminum fence to last for as long as possible, take the time to trim surrounding bushes and trees back from the areas surrounding it. Careful landscape maintenance will go a long way toward preserving your fence.

    Examine Fasteners and Hardware

    In order to enter and exit the fenced areas of your property, you will typically use a gate that is attached with a series of hangers or fasteners. The hardware on your gate may have a tendency to wear out more quickly than the fence itself. To keep your fence properly maintained, check to see whether its hardware is starting to show signs of wear or strain. Any damaged hardware can be easily removed and replaced by your professional fencing contractor.

  • How Professional Contractors Design Privacy Fences

    A privacy fence can be a welcome addition to any backyard. If you want to make your property more private, secure, and stylish , consider working with a residential fencing company in Palm Beach County to design a custom privacy fence for your yard. During the initial phases of your fence installation, your team of contractors will work with you to create a custom fence that is built according to your your desired height, layout, and materials. To help you prepare for your upcoming privacy fence installation, here is a quick look at the methods that professional contractors use to design these fences. privacy - fence

    Determine the Best Height

    Privacy fences are often taller than picket or other ornamental fences. Typically, a privacy fence will be at least 6 feet tall. During the planning and design phase of the installation project, your professional contractors will need to figure out the right fence height for your property. Along with figuring out the best height to add privacy to your home, your contractors will also need to check on local building codes.

    Explore Different Styles

    After an ideal height has been determined, you will be ready to explore different privacy fence styles with your contractor. Many homeowners choose durable wood or vinyl materials for their privacy fences. These materials are ideal because they can withstand tough weather conditions, while also providing elegance and beauty. Your professional contractor will consult with you to pick out a material that meets all of your desired specifications.

    Choose Fence Features

    The final phase of designing a privacy fence with a professional contractor will be to choose the special features that will make your fence a functional and attractive part of your property. For example, to provide you with easier access to your outdoor areas, your contractors may recommend that you include a latched gate in your design. After you have selected the best features for your design, your contractor will be ready to begin building your brand new privacy fence.

  • Common DIY Fencing Mistakes and Why You Should Hire a Professional

    You might not think that new fencing in Palm Beach County should require the help of the professionals, but they can help you avoid some potentially serious mistakes and the expensive repairs that might follow. From choosing a fence design that doesn’t flatter your property to installing it incorrectly—or even installing it on your neighbor’s property—there are many mistakes that the experts can help you avoid. Here are some DIY fencing mistakes and a look at how a professional can help. fencing - mistakes

    Choosing the Wrong Fence

    If you’re looking for a fence that you’ll never have to maintain, wood probably isn’t the way to go. At the same time, a chain link fence will be relatively maintenance-free, but it might not be exactly what your home needs. If you want to make sure you choose the perfect fence for your home and your needs, it’s a good idea to consult the professionals. There are all kinds of materials to choose from, and each one has its own pros and cons. The more you know about your options, the better equipped you will be to make a confident decision. If you end up rushing the decision and choosing the wrong type of fence, it may be expensive and time-consuming to remove it and have it replaced with a better choice. Talk to the professionals from the beginning to avoid such an ordeal.

    Messing Up the Installation

    Your fence has the potential to last for a long time, but you’ll need to install it properly if you want it to have a long working life. Even if you consider yourself on the handy side, there’s no downside to having the professionals install your fence. They will cover all of their bases and make sure the fence is installed as well as it possibly could be.

    Crossing Your Neighbor’s Line

    You don’t want to cross your property line and erect a fence in your neighbor’s yard. This can create a tricky situation, and you might have to move the fence. Let your pros help you find the line and ensure that your fence doesn’t cross it.

  • Will My Soil Type Affect My Fencing Project?

    If you enjoy working in the garden, then you’re probably familiar with the way that soil quality can affect a plant’s ability to grow and thrive. For homeowners preparing for fence installation in Pompano , it’s important to realize that soil type is also a significant factor when it comes to this type of endeavor. Keep reading to learn how your property’s soil type can affect your fencing project. fence - soil

    Clay Soil

    If you have a clay soil type, then you’ll find that this material can be sticky and difficult to manipulate. To make fence installation easier, begin your project at a time when the soil isn’t too dry, which will cause it to be hard and difficult to work, or too wet, which will give it nearly a liquid consistency. Soil with lots of clay doesn’t drain well when wet, but it becomes hard and strong when dry. While this may sound positive, the problem is that clay shrinks when it dries, which may allow the fence posts to move a bit inside their holes.

    Loamy Soil

    Loamy soil is easy to work with and ideal for fence installation because it’s easy to dig and compact. Also, loamy soil doesn’t shrink when it dries, which can provide your fence with good support. On the other hand, this soil type can be quite flexible, so the same qualities that make it easy to work with may also lead to a lack of fence stability.

    Sandy Soil

    For locations with sandy soil, digging holes for fence installation is easy and straightforward. However, making the holes larger than you need can be a good idea because the walls are likely to collapse a bit as you work. Before compacting sandy soil around your fence posts, ensure that the materials aren’t too wet or dry. Although you may be worried about installing a fence in sandy soil, this material can be quite stable once compacted and should offer plenty of support.

  • Planning a New Pool? Don’t Forget About Security Fencing!

    For many people, summer isn’t the same without a cool, refreshing pool to jump into on a hot afternoon. If you’re planning to upgrade your home with a new swimming pool, then you and your family are probably looking forward to lots of fun in the water. However, when it comes to this type of project, you should consider contacting a residential fencing company in Palm Beach County about security fence installation. Continue reading to learn more. pool - fence

    Pool Fencing’s Many Benefits

    Every year, children die due to accidental drownings in pools, and more children under age 5 die of drowning in Florida than in any other state . Of course, this can be incredibly alarming for parents, but there are steps that you can take to help keep your family safe around your new pool. Also, even if you do not have children, installing a pool fence is important for protecting children in your neighborhood, pets, and wildlife from drowning in your pool. Furthermore, security fencing can help keep unwanted visitors from getting into your pool and contaminating the water.

    Florida’s Residential Pool Regulations

    In the state of Florida, residential swimming pools must have at least one of several outlined safety options to pass a final inspection and receive a certificate of completion. One of these safety features is a barrier, which can be a fence, dwelling wall, non-dwelling wall, or a combination of these options. A barrier must surround and prevent access to the swimming pool, especially from the property’s residence and yard.

    Your Pool Fence Options

    Installing a security fence around your pool is one of the best ways to help keep people and pets safe while on your property. The fence should be sturdy, and its gate should have a secure latching mechanism that is out of reach of young children. As for fence type, aluminum is the most popular material for pool fences in Florida, but you can also choose from options like chain link, PVC, and wood.

  • Landscaping Ideas for Better Backyard Privacy

    There are many ways to improve privacy in a backyard. Installing a tall privacy fence near Palm Beach County and Pompano is a great way to discourage outsiders and reinforce the borders of a property. Planting large plants or incorporating the plants with the fence is another way to create an attractive and effective barrier . Continue reading for some more landscaping ideas for backyard privacy. plant - fence

    Privacy Fencing

    Privacy fences are very popular, because they are attractive, durable, and tall. Wooden or PVC fences are commonly used for privacy, because they often use thick, wide panels that are very tall. These fencing materials also come in a variety of colors and styles to match any home décor or landscaping. Both fencing materials make strong and sturdy fences. However, wooden fences will need to be stained and maintained to prevent rot and warping. PVC fences do not require routine maintenance, though they can fade with sun exposure.

    Large Foliage

    Homeowners often plant large bushes and trees to block sound and encourage privacy. Hedges are popular landscape features that can block a great amount of outside noise from the neighborhood, including street traffic. Large plants and trees can also discourage outsiders from entering a yard. This type of landscaping will still look very attractive, but it will close off a house to onlookers and help prevent people from entering someone’s property without permission.

    Plant-Fence Pairing

    Homeowners who want the best of both worlds can take advantage of a plant and fence pairing. Popular fencing options include chain link or a lattice wood fence. These fences allow for airflow and sunlight to encourage plant growth. The plants—such as vines, roses, or honeysuckles—can weave through the fencing holes or simply poke out. This pairing will create an attractive, interesting, and effective privacy fence that incorporates both plants and fences. If choosing this option, then speak with a fencing company about the best materials to use to prevent rot, rust, or warping of the fence.

  • Getting Your Home Ready for Summer

    Preparing your home for summer will prevent potential damages to your house, air conditioning unit, and fencing. Routine cleanup, repairs, and maintenance are essential to noticing small issues before they become huge problems. If you can achieve the following steps—such as inspecting your fence in Palm Beach County and Deefield —then your home will be ready for summer in no time. Read on for a better look at how to get your home ready for the heat. house - summer

    Clean Up

    There are countless areas to clean up around your home and property before summer. Ensure that all fallen leaves, dirt, or grime are removed from your walkways and porches. Walk around your house and clean and fix dirty or broken areas on your outside walls. If your house and common areas are clean, then they will look and function better throughout the summer.

    Repair Fencing

    Examine all areas of your fencing for defects, broken posts, or broken chain links. Fence repair can be done quickly and easily, but it is better done as soon as possible. If you allow fencing to rot, rust, or stay damaged throughout the summer and longer, then you risk damaging the rest of your fencing. Speak with your residential fencing company as soon as you see damages that must be repaired.

    Spruce up Landscaping

    Your grass, flowers, and trees may be in full bloom after the spring. Keep your green landscaping healthy and continuing to flower by trimming, laying extra sod, and cleaning up flower beds. These tasks are important to ensure that your grass and flowers continue to grow and bloom throughout summer and into fall. Routine cleanup can also prevent rotting and rusting from damaging your fencing.

    Schedule AC Maintenance

    Your AC should be inspected and cleaned by a professional every year. This routine maintenance will lengthen the life of your AC, and it will keep your cooling costs low throughout the summer. If you do not schedule routine AC maintenance every year, then you risk damaging your AC and paying higher energy costs.