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Your Fence Installation With Fencing South Florida

We understand that hiring a reliable and reputable fencing contractor is important, and that’s why our team of professionals works hard to deliver a top-quality job, whether you need the materials for a fence or a team to assemble it for you. We are here to discuss your needs, answer questions, and execute an unparalleled final product.

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What to Expect During Fence Installation

Hiring Fencing South Florida as Your Fence Contractors

The first step to getting your fence installation needs taken care of is checking out our portfolio and contacting one of our experienced contractors to discuss the kind of fencing solution you’re looking for. Our team will be able to help you decide on the best fencing option and answer all of your questions.

Questions to Ask When Weighing Options for Your New Fence

It’s vital for us to know the details. We encourage customers to ask questions about what will work for their needs, interests, and budget. For instance, you can ask us which fence is best for keeping your children safe around the pool, or which offers longevity. We want to ensure that all your needs are met.

Exploring Material Options for Your Fence Installation

We offer a variety of materials at Fencing South Florida. When planning to install a new fence, it’s essential to understand the differences and benefits of each material so you can decide which suits your project best. Our knowledgeable team is happy to go over your options to give you clarity on your decision.

Choosing Your Fencing Style

Fencing South Florida offers fencing installation options for commercial, residential, or industrial spaces. We provide solutions for privacy, security, décor, and much more. You create the project description of what you want to achieve, and we will do the heavy lifting to ensure impeccable results based on your budget and desires.

Fence Maintenance

Different types of fences require different types of maintenance. We are glad to guide you toward a fence that will fit your needs based on how much maintenance you would like to handle. Once you’ve decided, we will explain how to care for your chosen type of fence and what you can expect from it.

Creating Project Descriptions for Your Fencing Installation

Whether you opted for a wood fence or a vinyl fence, a security fence or a decorative fence, by the time your appointment concludes, we will be able to give you insight into maintenance, durability, longevity, and an accurate estimate of your new fence installation. We ensure transparency in all our jobs.

Permits and Possible Setbacks

Depending on where you reside, your municipality may require specific permits. Our experienced team knows the rules of the municipalities we cover and we ensure everything is handled correctly and all building requirements are met before we start the fence installation. Call us to get more information about specifications in your area.

Wait Times on Your Fence Installation

We ask our customers to be understanding of wait times on their installations. Some projects require permits that take time to receive, setting back the start time by up to two months. If you do not need a permit, you can expect a scheduled time between 3-4 weeks, and 6 weeks for custom fencing. Staging materials can also cause delays.

Insurance and References

At Fencing South Florida, we take pride in delivering excellent results. After more than 20 years in the industry, we know how to satisfy our customers with reputable work and the assurance that if something goes wrong, we will fix it immediately. You can check out our testimonials and our portfolio of work for added comfort in your decision.

Why You Should Choose Fencing South Florida

Fencing South Florida offers the unique advantage of not only installing your fence, but also curating the materials needed for your fence at our very own factory. By eliminating the middleman, we can offer our customers affordable rates on the highest quality materials in the business. We make the process quick and efficient, leaving you with stunning results.


Contact Us Today to Begin Your Fencing Project

No project is too big or complicated for the professionals at Fencing South Florida. We are here to ensure you get the quality results you deserve at an affordable price. Don’t wait; call or email us today to discuss your fencing project and book your appointment.

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