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Privacy Fences in Palm Beach County

Security & Privacy Fences

A good fence should provide several functions at once. In addition to marking your property boundary, your fence should provide privacy and security. If you’re interested in installing an elegant security fence on your property, contact the fence installation experts at Fencing South Florida. Our experts can help you determine which kind of fence best complements your home and provides the best security. We’ve installed hundreds of fences in the Palm Beach area.

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Reasons to Put Up a Fence

“Good fences make good neighbors,” as the saying goes. Here are a few reasons why you should consider installing a fence on your property.


Technically, every home is a potential target for thieves. However, putting up a fence in your yard can make would-be robbers think twice before targeting your home. A good fence can also prevent your kids and pets from wandering onto the street.


For many people, a good-looking fence is a key part of their dream home. If you feel like something is missing from your property, a professionally installed fence may be just what you’re looking for.


Even if you’re friendly with your neighbors, there are times when you want a little privacy. A tall, solid fence can help make your property seem a bit more secluded.

Popular Fence Materials

Once you decide to build a fence, you’ll need to think long and hard about what kind of material you want. Each type of fence comes with its own advantages.


if you’re looking for a natural look, a wood fence is probably your best bet. However, wood fences need to be painted or stained occasionally.


Aluminum is light, strong, and elegant. Florida homeowners often choose aluminum fencing for their pool areas.


Though PVC fencing doesn’t have the natural look of wood, it has its fair share of advantages. For example, you’ll never have to paint a PVC fence.


Fencing South Florida Services

To ensure that your privacy/security fence lasts for many years to come, trust the experts at Fencing South Florida. We have 20 years of experience installing all kinds of fences throughout the Lake Worth area. In that time, we’ve figured out how to provide high-quality fencing at a low cost. We also offer repair services for existing fences. Call our Lake Worth location at 561-855-4255 to learn more about our fencing services.

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