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The Best Fencing Services in South Florida

At Fencing South Florida, we provide high-quality fencing services at an incredibly affordable price. For the past two decades, our family-owned business has mastered our comprehensive Palm Beach County, FL fencing services including installation, maintenance, and design. Whether you want a wood fence, PVC fence, cement fence, chain link fence, or a Trex fence, our team can satisfy your needs.

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About Our Trex Fences

Our Trex fences are a very popular option because of their elegant look and security features. Trex fences offer the combined benefits of wooden and vinyl fences. They are a gorgeous and functional addition to any property with their unique board-on-board design.

Trex Fence in Palm Beach County, FL

Trex Fence Advantage

Both wood and vinyl fences have their own unique styles, safety features, weather-resistance, and durability. Trex fence was created to combine the best of those characteristics into one durable and gorgeous fence material. With the natural and attractive look of wooden fences and the low-maintenance benefits of vinyl fences, you are left with the perfect fence.

Trex Fence Systems

Trex fences were first introduced to the fencing world in 2005 and quickly became widely popular. The main reason people buy a fence is for privacy and security, so when the Trex fence came to market with its complete privacy and extensive security features, it was immediately a favorite in the community.

Complete privacy and security were achieved through several crucial factors, including:

  • Material: Combining the sturdiness of wood with the durability of vinyl, Trex is made of a wood-plastic composite (WPC). This creates a sturdy thick wall that resists weather damage and increases security.
  • Installation: Trex fences are so sturdy that they don’t need reinforcements. They were designed so that when the Trex fence panels are installed, the pickets are sunk into a concrete footer. After it sets, it’s good to go. There’s no need for extra reinforcements, except on the Trex fence gate and any fences taller than eight feet.
  • Design: Trex fences take incredible function and intersect it with flawless design. With caps, posts, pickets, and gates all matching with a natural wood-like finish, Trex fences are a gorgeous addition to any home or business. Additionally, you can customize the finish to match your home.
  • Durability: Each part and feature of Trex fences is designed to increase the durability and strength of the fence. The bottom rail is supported with an aluminum rail, which is then covered with the same composite finish as the rest of the fence for aesthetic purposes. The pickets also have aluminum reinforcements that interlock with the bottom rail, adding additional strength and durability.

Benefits of a Trex Fence

As you can imagine, Trex fences have numerous benefits as they were specifically designed to combine the benefits of wood and vinyl fences. Every aspect of Trex fences was designed for maximum security, privacy, and durability. Some of our favorite benefits include:

  • Durability: Trex is made of a durable and dense composite. This means that insects can’t destroy it. The dimensions of the fence combined with the dense composite also make it so that Trex fences are resistant against damage from high winds, humidity, and other weather damage.
  • Unique Design: Trex fences have a unique look and design unlike any other fence on the market. The interlocking pickets create depth to your fence and the natural appearance adds a touch of class to your landscaping. Sometimes they’re called Trex horizontal fences because of an additional feature. Their bottom and top rails frame the Trex design, creating a horizontal look as well as the more traditional vertical design.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Trex fences are incredibly friendly for the environment and are created from 95% recycled content. Especially compared to other fencing options, the Trex fences stand out as exceptional for the environment.
  • Complete Privacy: Trex fences are designed with a board-to-board design to give you complete privacy. There are no gaps for neighbors and passersby to look through because of the interlocking Trex pickets. These Trex picket fences offer you peace of mind. Whether you install a Trex fence around your backyard, business, or pool, you can enjoy complete privacy.
  • Neighbor-Friendly: Many fences have one presentable side and one side where the hardware shows. Not Trex fences! The interlocking pickets create virtually symmetrical sides so that your neighbors can enjoy the classy look of Trex fences. They won’t be complaining about your fence being an eye sore anymore.

Trex Fence Care

While Trex fences are designed to last, our team at Fencing South Florida will provide you with a list of tips to best care for your fence so that it lasts for even longer. We suggest:

  • Wash off dirt and debris with water and a mild soap. Other cleaning products can be used, but we suggest testing the product on a hidden or inconspicuous area before using it on the entire fence.
  • Do not paint Trex fences.
  • Avoid using sunscreen or bug spray near the fence, as it can cause discoloration.
  • Be careful of touching or leaning on the fence in the heat if your fence is a darker color, as these finishes can absorb heat.


Why Choose Fencing South Florida?

By choosing our team, you are guaranteed to receive fencing services that exceed your expectations. If you want high-quality affordable services for your Trex fence needs, choose our team that has over 20 years of experience. In addition to Trex fences, we also provide installation and maintenance services for many other fence types, including:

We provide installation services as well as maintenance for these fences and more! For more information about our services, you can contact the team here at Fencing South Florida today.

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