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Beautiful & Durable Wood Fencing for Installation

Fencing South Florida is a trusted premier installer and product provider in the area because we specialize in fencing built to last in Palm Beach County, FL. Our wood fencing options include a broad range of types and styles for residential and commercial use, and we design our fencing with style and functionality at the forefront of our concerns. We build our wood fencing using sturdy steel frames to ensure it lasts for years to come while exceeding your local county code. Properties with limited building space and obstructions are not a problem since we have pre-assembled panels ready for easier installation. Let our top-quality products make work easier with impressive results on your finished wood fencing installation.

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Types of Wood Fencing for Your Home or Business

As a seasoned wood fencing company, we strive to offer a wide assortment of fencing options to suit our customers’ styles and needs. You can find wood panel fencing, customized designs, and many choices in wood fencing types, including the following:

Micropro™ Fencing – If you want wood’s natural beauty while reducing upkeep demands, Micropro™ offers long life and low maintenance, and it contains stabilizers for less weathering and minimized shrinking and swelling.

Commercial Wood Fence – Add privacy and aesthetic appeal to your commercial property with wood fencing. A rail fence gives your business a rustic look, while picket fencing works well at restaurants and retail shops.

Western Red Cedar Fencing – This fencing type is a non-pressure-treated choice with natural oils protecting the wood from moisture, decay, and insect damage. It also doesn’t shrink, warp, swell, cup, or twist as much as other woods.

Classic Wood Fences – Choose the right style for your property to accentuate its appeal. We have options like picket, board-on-board, and spaced board fences.

Privacy Fencing – Keeping prying eyes off your property with a new privacy fence designed to block visibility. You can select a vertical board fence, stockade fence with pointed pickets, or top-of-the-line board and batten fence.

Wood Fencing for Larger Properties – Our selection of fences includes expansive fencing for sizable properties, including vertical and horizontal wood fencing options.

Custom Wood Fences – If you wish to design a custom wood fence, our company can incorporate different materials into innovative designs. Personalize your boards with varying widths and styles to improve your property’s look and value.

Wooden Fencing Installation in Palm Beach County, FL

What Is the Best Wood for Fencing?

While many kinds of wood work well to build fencing that lasts for years, Fencing South Florida wants you to stay informed in which wood type is the best option. Cedarwood is ranked the highest because of its many properties, including durability and natural beauty. Cedar also contains natural oils acting as an insect deterrent. Cedar has less tendency to degrade, including warping, selling, and shrinking. All these features of cedarwood ensure your fencing will last the longest, generally between 15 and 30 years. However, some cedar fences can last up to 40 years.


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Fencing South Florida is ready to provide the perfect wood fencing option for your home or business installation. Contact us today to learn more about what fencing we have to choose from and place an order for a beautiful, long-lasting fence.

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