Monkey Wrench Metals

Artistic Metal Designs from Fencing South Florida

We have a ten thousand sq foot welding shop and fabrication plant equipped with 2 welding stations and 2 5 x 10 CNC plasma torch machines. We work in marine-grade aluminum, hot rolled steel and copper in 6 different gauge metals depending on the application. You can choose to leave your purchase raw or the metals natural color, we can powder coat your creation any color you want or you can choose to have one of our staff artists do a custom anodized paint job for you, just give us the theme you are going for or colors you want that match your decor and let us do what we do… all of our products can be placed in and outdoors. We can just about cut anything you can think of out of metal… the possibilities are truly endless

We also have the capability to etch metal as well without piercing through. This technique makes great custom trophies. Perhaps you want that magic Moment photo-etched and framed next to your trophy. (hunting, fishing photos)

We design commissioned war memorials, promotion, and retirement plaques for all branches of the military and police department

Metal Designs for Your Home

  • Precision Metal Arts
  • Monogrammed gates
  • Custom gate art
  • Custom art deco railings
  • Nautical railings
  • Outdoor wall trellis cutouts
  • Window accents
  • Garden trellises
  • Garden art
  • Contemporary Wall art
  • Nautical wall art
  • Monogrammed door plaques and gate plaques
  • Custom mailbox posts and numbers
  • Custom interior railing and wall accents

Metal Designs for your Business

  • Hotel and casino wall art
  • Hotel, office, and hospital room numbers
  • Professional office door business sign
  • Restaurant art
  • Religious art for churches and synagogues
  • Business theme art| tiki, nautical, rustic, farm, auto or hot rod shop, bar art, beach theme, coffee shops, diners, gift shops
  • Outdoor Business signage
  • Lightboxes
  • Plaques
  • Team signs
  • Sorority and fraternity signage
  • Unique theme-based trophies and plaques:
    fishing, golf tournaments, little league, girl scouts, wrestling, basketball, football, hockey cheerleading, retirement, promotion, graduation, milestone birthday, military boot camp, police academy, Quantico boot, racing, horse racing, polo tournaments, county fair, bass fishing

Gifts -Great customized gifts for the people who have everything.

  • Custom wedding party gifts
  • Signs for all holidays, Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s, Easter, the 4th, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas.
  • Custom car grills
  • Outdoor Fireplaces
  • Motorcycle parts and art
  • Custom brackets for any application


We can ship directly to the lower 48. Shipping charges vary depending on the size and weight of the package. a good portion of our art fits perfectly in a pizza box…. we promise to eat the pizza first before we ship it to you…

For signage, plaques, trophies and most wall art expect approximately a 2-week turnaround

And for a custom fence, gates, railing, and balconies expect a 6 to 8-week turnaround to allow time for field measuring, design, fabrication, sanding, and powder coating. This is not including the time your local building department will take to issues us a permit. But for material only orders 6 to 8 weeks.

Not everything is custom:
Retailers we have a wholesale division of stock cutouts and 3D art.

We supply gift shops, farm stands, nurseries, dive shop, consignments shops, coffee shops, craft stores, hobby shops, flea market vendors, craft fair vendors… our signage and welded lines sell out in every store we”er in.

We sell bulk artwork to many retailers… let us know them.

Tight on cash for inventory.. We have a consignment program available if your business qualifies. Must have a retail location for 5 years plus. Not available to outdoor market vendors.

Please call to set up a site visit to your business to show you some of our best sellers.

Why Choose Us?

  • Buy factory direct and save
  • Honest, trustworthy & hassle free service
  • Family owned business