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Quality, Professional Installation of SimTek Fences

If you’re looking for high-quality, low-maintenance fencing that mimics the appearance of natural stone or wood without the care or upkeep, you should consider SimTek® fencing. SimTek® fencing is available in two gorgeous styles that afford privacy and beauty: the SimTek® Ecostone fence and the SimTek® Ashland fence. At Fencing South Florida, our fencing contractors offer expert SimTek®fence installation to residential and commercial customers. Call us today to schedule a consultation or request an estimate.

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Simtek Fence Services in Palm Beach County, FL

What Is a SimTek® Fence?

SimTek® fencing uses a rotational molding process that guarantees beauty and durability. The fencing is available in two classic, stunning designs: the SimTek® Ecostone fence, a rock-wall style, and the SimTek® Ashland fence, a shadow-box wood fence style. This fencing was designed through tireless research, innovative engineering, and state-of-the-art technology and materials that can’t be found anywhere else in the marketplace. SimTek® fencing is molded from stabilized polyethylene. Polyethylene offers durability, resilience, and longevity and is resistant to organic processes, UV light, chemicals, pests, and other conditions that damage or break down fencing materials.

Benefits of SimTek® Fence Installation

All SimTek® fencing is created from high-quality materials that look and feel authentic and mimic the appearance of natural stone or wood. SimTek® fence installation offers these benefits:

  • Durability – SimTek® fencing materials are unaffected by water, chemicals, salt spray, and algae. They are also impact-resistant and cannot be damaged by baseballs, golf balls, rocks, and other projectiles. They perform well in hot and cold climates, heavy rain and moisture, and bright sunlight. They can withstand 110 mph sustained winds and 130 mph wind gusts. It is also graffiti-resistant and cannot be damaged by termites or other insects.
  • Aesthetics – SimTek® fencing affords privacy and security while remaining beautiful and aesthetically appealing. The SimTek® Ecostone fence has a realistic granite appearance, and the SimTek® Ashland fence has a realistic natural wood appearance.
  • Versatility – SimTek® fencing provides an excellent sound barrier and effective security without compromising style and beauty. SimTek® requires virtually no care or maintenance.
  • Eco-friendly
  • Cost-effective – Over its lifetime, SimTek® is the most cost-effective fencing you will ever buy. It carries a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty but will not cover damage due to abuse, misuse, vandalism, unauthorized repairs or modifications, neglect, accident, improper use, improper installation, or defacement.
  • Easy to install – SimTek® fencing is easy to install, even for DIYers.

Types of SimTek® Fencing

Ecostone SimTek® fencing is available in six different designer granite colors. Ashland SimTek® fencing is available in five designer natural wood colors. Ecostone comes in beige granite, brown granite, dark brown granite, gray granite, desert granite, and black granite. Ashland comes in walnut brown, red cedar, Nantucket gray, black oak, and white. You can design a customized fence using SimTek®’s Gap Fillers that allow you to transition between SimTek® fence panel sizes. SimTek® fencing supports the installation of gates and hardware, either from SimTek® or another brand. Ecostone and Ashland fence panels are available in four sizes: 3’x6’, 4’x8’, 6’x6’, and 8’x8’.

Why Choose Fencing South Florida

 At Fencing South Florida, we strive to provide quality workmanship and exceptional customer service to every customer. We are a family-owned business with over 20 years of experience in the community. Our mission is to provide high-quality materials and affordable fencing installation services. We keep our prices reasonable and affordable by developing strong, reciprocal relationships with trusted manufacturers and vendors in our industry. Our team of fence contractors is highly skilled and experienced and committed to working efficiently and delivering an amazing product. We are happy to provide fencing materials to customers who want to do their installation, and we can also provide professional fencing installation to homes and businesses. In addition to fencing products and materials, we also operate Monkey Wrench Metal Works, which provides hand-crafted, custom metal creations for fencing, gates, railings, artwork, and more.


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Are you ready to learn more about the benefits of SimTek® fence installation in Palm Beach County, FL? Call us today or contact us online to schedule a consultation or request an estimate. Our fencing contractors can help you find the perfect style, design, and material for your commercial or residential fencing. We make it easy to find something that works with your budget and brings your vision to life.

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