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Budget-Friendly Fencing in Palm Beach

Fencing South Florida has every type of fence to fit your security and budget needs. We listen to and understand what you need in terms of utility, style, security, and price, and then develop a fence to fit your specific parameters. We guarantee you’ll always find the lowest price and the best value with Fencing South Florida.

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custom fence

Form and Function

We take the look and feel of fencing as seriously as we do function. Whether you’re looking for maximum privacy or an artistic design, we will create a fence that’s both strong and beautiful. Because we have our own factory, we can offer superior-quality products with maximum creativity.



We’re the most affordable fencing company in Palm Beach County because we own our own factory. As the customer, this saves you time and money, because we can create your customized fence faster for a more affordable price.

Contact us for a custom fence quote today at 561-855-4255!

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