Composite Fences – Environmentally Friendly Option

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Created from recycled plastics, wood chips, and sawdust, composite fences are one of the most environmentally friendly fencing options on the market. Composite fencing combines vinyl fencing’s resistance to insects and rots with the beauty of wood that is free of toxic additives and chemicals. Dense and strong, synthetic fences can withstand the elements – even winds of up to 100 miles per hour – for years. While the material costs are slightly more than wood, installation costs are the same or lower if using pre-fab sheets—and maintenance costs are much lower. The only maintenance includes an occasional hose down; no annual painting or staining is needed.

Any Style

Composite fences come in a variety of styles, patterns, and colors that mimic the look and feel of wood without the ongoing labor. Synthetic fences allow for more customization than vinyl fencing, so you can guarantee your fence is as unique as the property it protects.

Long-Term Value

Composite fencing has a longer lifespan than wood and requires far less labor and financial maintenance over time. Composite is not only a sturdy and strong option but also a smart investment for your property. Because it helps lower your carbon footprint by using recycled materials, you’re also investing in the environment. At the end of its life, composite fence systems can be recycled again.

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