Pool Fences in Palm Beach

Installing a pool in your yard is a great way to boost family fun and increase your property value. Without the right protection, however, your pool could be vulnerable to animals, strangers, and contamination. One way to protect your investment and add a dash of elegance to your property is to install a strong and beautiful pool fence. Fencing South Florida has been building pool fences throughout the Palm Beach area for over 13 years, and we would gladly lend our talents and fencing materials to your yard.

Benefits of a Pool Fence

Many homeowners don’t think to put up a fence around their pool. However, a pool fence is a smart and useful investment. Here are just a few of the benefits.

  • Keep Outsiders Out: If your pool is unprotected, it’s more likely that neighborhood kids will help themselves to a dip. A sturdy fence sends a clear message and is a great deterrent.
  • Prevent Contamination: A fence can also prevent animals from coming into your yard and contaminating your pool. The right fence can help protect your family’s health.
  • Protect Kids/Pets: Children should only use the pool when under parental supervision. A fence can prevent children and pets from using the pool unsupervised, providing you with peace of mind.

Pool Fence Considerations

No two properties are exactly the same; you should choose your pool fence carefully. Here are a few factors to consider.

  • Aesthetics: Your pool fence should look like a cohesive part of your property. Consider drawing inspiration from your home’s colors and architectural features.
  • Privacy: If privacy is important to you, you might choose a tall fence that blocks your neighbor’s view. A wood fence is both elegant and private.
  • Climbing Deterrence: Even if you have a fence, intrepid invaders may try to hop over. A good pool fence is fairly tall, and doesn’t have any footholds for would-be climbers.

Working with Fencing South Florida

Fencing South Florida offers wood, PVC, aluminum, and chain link fencing. Aluminum fencing is the most popular option for Florida pools, but we’ll use whatever material you think is best. We have a special factory that manufactures PVC and aluminum products, and we get our wood and chain link fences from Florida’s largest manufacturer of such materials. Our manufacturing prowess and business relationships allow us to provide fencing that is much more affordable than the competition. Call our Lake Worth location at (561) 855-4255 to get one step closer to an elegant new pool fence.

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