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Wood fence

When it comes to new fence installations, there aren’t many more beautiful sights than a new wood fence in Palm Beach. Before purchasing a wood fence, however, it is important to realize that you will have to provide the proper maintenance if you want to enjoy this look for many years to come. There are many aspects of a wood fence that may eventually require repairs, so it helps to familiarize yourself with all of them. Read on for a look at wood fence repairs.


As a new wood fence owner, the rot will be your worst enemy. Rot can prevent posts from holding a rail in place, but this does not necessarily mean that the whole rail must be replaced. Start by applying wood preservatives to any damaged area to make sure that rot does not spread to the rest of the fence. Now nail a 2×4 cleat to the post in the area just below the rail so that the rail can sit on top of it for extra support, and secure the rail itself to the cleat.


A wobbly fence is never a good sign. If you want your beautiful wood fence to keep standing, you may have to repair one or more posts over time. In many cases, you can use splints to make sure your fence remains vertical. You will need to use a pair of 2x4s and drive one end of each into the ground on each side of the post. You can then attach one end of a splint to the 2×4 and one to the post on each side to improve its stability.


Homeowners often surround their properties with wood fence and use a gate to access their homes. Troubleshooting a gate typically starts with its hinges. If the gate section of your wood fence is not functioning properly, check to see if the hinges are bent or loose. If the hinges are not at fault, the problem may be excessive weight or misalignment of the gate. If the gate was not installed properly, contact your Palm Beach fence installation contractor to re-install the gate or install a new gate entirely.

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