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When most people look for ways to go green at home, they think of things like their thermostat or their hot water heater. However, your commitment to an environmentally friendly lifestyle doesn’t end at your door. The kind of fence you choose for your yard can also have a big impact on the environment. For instance, an aluminum fence or PVC fence can both be considered green because they don’t involve the use of wood or require frequent painting. However, a wood fence can also be eco-friendly—if you choose sustainable wood or wood that comes from reclaimed materials. Learn more about how to choose green fencing in this infographic from Fencing South Florida. Our commercial and residential fencing company near Palm Beach offers a variety of options, from wood fence panels to vinyl fencing. Let us help you choose the right fence, and share this information with your neighbors to help them understand their own fencing options.

Going Green With Your Fencing

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