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Green grass

When you install a new chain link fence, you will create a protective boundary around your property. While your new fence will add privacy and protection to your yard, a chain-link fence may also make it more difficult to mow your lawn. After your fence installation, you may want to consider redefining your lawn so that grass does not grow underneath your chain link fence. A company specializing in fences near Palm Beach can help you design and install the perfect new chain link fence for your property. Read on for more tips on how to keep grass from growing under your new chain link fence.

Mark a Mulching Line

The first step of preventing grass from growing under your chain link fence is to mark a mulching line under the fence itself. Using a ruler, you can measure six inches out from each side of the fence. Once you have made this measurement, you can use stakes and string to place an even line along both sides of the fence.

Dig Out the Area

With your measurements in place, it is time to dig out the area underneath the fence. To clear away the grass, you will need to use a garden spade to dig at least two inches under the surface of the grass line. Digging this deep will ensure that you take out all of the roots, which will prevent the grass from growing up again.

Cover With Mulch

The final step of preventing grass underneath your chain link fence is to cover the entire area with mulch. By mulching under the newly dug surface, you will create an area where grass cannot grow. To reinforce the mulch, you may also want to place landscaping fabric in the area directly underneath your chain link fence. With the mulch in place, you will have created a beautiful new appearance for your lawn and fence.

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