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Fences in Palm Beach can bring a multitude of benefits to the table: They can increase the aesthetic appeal and curbside value of your home in addition to providing security and privacy for you and your family. If privacy is what you are looking for, however, you will need something bigger than a classic white picket fence. Read on for a few tips for creating a privacy fence.


A privacy fence can help to make you more comfortable within your own home or on your own property. However, this fence cannot do its job for long if it is not designed properly; for this reason it is important to get the spacing right. A sturdy fence will have posts that are a maximum of eight feet apart from each other ; if they are any further, they run the risk of being impacted by heavy winds. Posts that are spaced closer than eight feet from each other will prevent horizontal components from sagging, which preserves the structural integrity of the fence. The horizontal components can also help to support the weight of the vertical posts in order to reinforce the fence. You should also consider the spacing between fence panels; the closer your slats are to each other, the greater level of privacy you can enjoy behind your fence.


A transparent chain link fence or a short wood fence will not serve you well in terms of privacy. Instead, you will want something tall and opaque like an aluminum or PVC fence. Consider the elevation of your yard and your neighbors yard when determining the necessary height for your privacy fence. If your neighbors have elevated pool decks, you may need something on the taller side; if your yard rises above the others in your neighborhood, however, you will not need a very tall fence.

Property Lines

It is important for neighbors to respect each other’s privacy and boundaries, and building your privacy fence on your own property can achieve exactly that goal. Never begin a construction project without identifying property boundaries and making sure that you are not working outside of your own space.

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