• The Homeowner’s Guide to Fence Shopping

    A new fence will enhance the beauty and security of your property. If you are considering a new fence installation for your home, you will have many factors to consider. From the style of your fence to the security of your property, it is important to select a fence that is suited to your particular needs. A fence contractor located in Lake Worth can answer all of your questions about your options for security fences and privacy fences. To help you learn more about residential fencing, here is a homeowner’s guide to shopping for a new fence.

    Consider Rules and Regulations
    When you are shopping for a new fence for your home, it is important to consider the fencing rules and regulations for your area. A new fence installation project needs to meet local codes for zoning and safety. By following the rules for height and property boundaries, you will ensure that your new fence is properly constructed and designed.

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    Think About Your Neighbors
    By installing a new fence around your home, you will alter the privacy and security of your home. As you are shopping for your new fence, it is important to think about the needs of your neighbors. If possible, you may want to let your neighbors know that you will be installing a new fence. In addition, it is important to research the exact property lines of your home before you allow your fence contractor to begin the construction process.

    Explore Materials and Styles
    When you are considering installing a new fence on your property, it is important to explore all of the materials and styles that are available to you. For example, you may want to look into wood fencing and other types of residential fencing. By getting to know some of the most popular fence styles, you will be able to select a new fence that matches perfectly with the style of your home.

  • What Type of Fence Should Go Around Your Pool?

    If you have a pool in your backyard, it is important to secure the pool area with a properly designed pool fence. A pool fence will enhance the privacy of your pool, while also protecting the safety of yourself and your loved ones. Before you start on a new fence installation near Lake Worth , it is a great idea to consider all of the types of pool fences that are available for your home. To get you started on your pool safety fence project, here is a look at some of the types of pool fences that are available to you.

    Aluminum Fence Pool Fences in Lake Worth
    An aluminum fence is a great choice for your new pool fence . With its exceptional durability and safety, an aluminum fence will create a secure boundary around your pool. In addition, aluminum fences are exceptionally easy to clean and maintain. When you choose an aluminum fence for your pool, you will also be able to create a custom fence design that enhances the beauty of your pool area.

    Wooden Fence
    Wooden fences are another popular choice for pool owners. One of the primary benefits of a wood fence is that this type of fence has a classic and timeless appeal. In addition, your wood fence can be designed to provide you and your family with total privacy when you are using your pool. In addition, wooden fences can be custom designed to match the specific dimensions of your property.

    Chain Link Fence
    Chain link fencing is a budget-friendly option for your pool fencing needs. When you install a chain link fence around your pool, you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your pool is completely secured. In addition, chain link fences can be enhanced with beautiful landscaping and other details. By working with a pool fence contractor, you will be able to learn more about all of your pool fencing options.

  • Fencing In Pool Safety

    A pool is a great addition to any home and can be the site of many happy family memories. However, pool ownership also brings responsibility. Shimmering swimming pools are all too tempting for little ones, and it’s up to you to do everything you can to make sure kids never enter your pool area unsupervised. A pool fence is the solution. Pool fences not only protect your own children, but also prevent neighborhood kids from wandering into your pool area. When you buy a pool fence, make sure it is high enough to keep children out and that it can’t be climbed easily. Fencing South Florida explains the important aspects of pool fencing in this infographic. Rely on us for new fence installation near Lake Worth, and help spread the word about pool safety by sharing this information.

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  • Types of Fencing

    Today, there’s a lot more variety than just the plain old picket fence. For starters, you can choose between numerous fence materials, including wood, aluminum, vinyl, iron, and chain link. Next, you can choose the style of fencing you like best. Privacy fences are popular, as are decorative fences. Ornamental and functional add-ons can customize and add value to your new fence. For more information on different types of fencing, watch this short video clip.

    Whether you already have a custom fence sketched out or you need help determining what type of fence will look best on your property, a residential fence contractor in Lake Worth can help. To save money, look for a fence company that delivers straight from the factory to you.

  • Fencing South Florida: Service You Can Trust

    For almost 15 years, Fencing South Florida has been one of the most trusted names in fencing installation services in Broward and Palm Beach County. We offer some of the lowest prices in the area, and yet our new fence installation services are second to none. We don’t cut corners to cut prices, we simply eliminate the middle man to offer you the cheapest, fastest, and most efficient fencing in Lake Worth.

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    In addition to our new fence installations, we also offer wood and aluminum fence repair services. Our experienced fence contractors can help keep your fence looking like new for years to come. Visit our website to learn all about our residential and commercial fencing services in Lake Worth and the surrounding areas.