• How to Keep Grass from Growing Under Your New Chain Link Fence

    When you install a new chain link fence, you will create a protective boundary around your property. While your new fence will add privacy and protection to your yard, a chain link fence may also make it more difficult to mow your lawn. After your fence installation, you may want to consider redefining your lawn so that grass does not grow underneath your chain link fence. A company specializing in fences near Palm Beach can help you design and install the perfect new chain link fence for your property. Read on for more tips on how to keep grass from growing under your new chain link fence.

    Mark a Mulching Line
    Chain Link Fence in Palm Beach The first step of preventing grass from growing under your chain link fence is to mark a mulching line under the fence itself. Using a ruler, you can measure six inches out from each side of the fence. Once you have made this measurement, you can use stakes and string to place an even line along both sides of the fence.

    Dig Out the Area
    With your measurements in place, it is time to dig out the area underneath the fence. To clear away the grass, you will need to use a garden spade to dig at least two inches under the surface of the grass line. Digging this deep will ensure that you take out all of the roots, which will prevent the grass from growing up again.

    Cover With Mulch
    The final step of preventing grass underneath your chain link fence is to cover the entire area with mulch. By mulching under the newly dug surface, you will create an area where grass cannot grow. To reinforce the mulch, you may also want to place landscaping fabric in the area directly underneath your chain link fence. With the mulch in place, you will have created a beautiful new appearance for your lawn and fence.

  • Should You Choose a Metal Fence?

    When you are planning a new fence installation, you will have many different types of fencing materials to choose from. If you are seeking a fence that is extremely durable and beautiful, you may want to consider installing an aluminum fence . Aluminum and metal fences offer several different advantages. Your aluminum fence will be incredibly durable and able to withstand even the harshest winds and weather conditions. In addition, aluminum fences offer a terrific level of security and privacy for any property. With their striking good looks, aluminum or metal fences can create a stunning statement about a homeowner’s personal style. For help selecting the right new fence for you, be sure to work with a fence contractor in Palm Beach. Your fencing professional will be able to tell you more about the advantages of each fencing style, so you are sure to be satisfied with your new fence installation.

    Aluminum Fence in Palm Beach

  • Tips for Planning a New Fence

    A new fence is a terrific addition to any property. Whether you are interested in boosting the security and privacy of your property or are simply seeking an attractive addition to your garden, there are many reasons to plan a new fence installation. To get the most out of your new fence, it is a great idea to work with a fence contractor in Palm Beach. By hiring a company that specializes in fences, you can create the beautiful new fence of your dreams. To help you get started on your new fencing project, here is a look at some essential tips for planning a new fence.

    New Fence Installation in Palm Beach

    Consider Privacy
    When you are planning a new fence , it is a great idea to consider the amount of privacy that you would like your new fence to offer you. If privacy is a priority for you, you may want to build a fence that is at least six feet high. In addition, it is a good idea to use durable fencing materials that will provide a solid barrier between your property and the outside.

    Explore Materials
    Another factor to consider when you are planning a new fence is the type of fencing materials that you will use for your installation. New fences can be constructed from a variety of materials, including wood, vinyl, and chain link. A wood fence will provide your property with an elegant and timeless look. For the ultimate in durability, you may want to explore your vinyl fencing options.

    Know Your Boundaries
    As you are planning a new fence, it is also important to determine the exact boundaries of your property line. By determining the precise location of your property line, you will have a precise idea of where to install your new fence. Your local fence contractor will be able to assist you with every step of your fence installation.