• Good Neighbors: Adding a Fence to Your Yard [INFOGRAPHIC]

    If you’re like many homeowners, you’re looking for ways to make your home more attractive, practical, and potentially even more valuable. A fence can lend style and sophistication to any type of house, and serves a number of practical purposes as well. Children and pets will be safer around the pool or a pond when there is a fence to keep them from accidentally getting in the water. If you wish to enjoy your yard without worrying about neighbors seeing what you’re up to, a privacy fence in Palm Beach can keep those prying eyes away. Check out this infographic to see more reasons why you should add a fence to your yard, or upgrade the one you currently have. Please share with your friends and family!

    Fence Infographic

  • Factors to Consider When Working With a Fence Company

    A new fence in Palm Beach can be a welcome addition to your home and property, especially when you have a residential fencing company complete the job. The right fence company can mean the difference between a high-quality fence that lasts you a lifetime and a shoddy job that needs frequent maintenance and repairs. Here is a look at a few factors to consider when working with a fence company.

    Advance Research
    Every fencing company will claim to be the best in the business, which is why it often helps to talk to friends and family members who have recently undergone fencing installations in your area. If they are happy with their new fences, they can point you in the right direction and lead you to the same result. However, you may not have any friends or family members who have made such an addition to their property in recent years. In this case, go on the Internet and search for local fence

    Fence in Palm Beachcompanies. Look for unbiased reviews from real life customers so you can get an idea of what kind of quality work each fencing company performs. Then you can filter out the negative results and go with the company that seems most promising.

    Choosing a Material
    Knowing that you want a fence is very different from knowing what kind of fence you want. Fortunately, your fence company should be able to use their expertise to help you make these tough decisions. If you are looking for something low maintenance, your fence company can show you their selection of PVC and chain link fences. If you are looking for something more aesthetically impressive, they will display their catalogue of wood fences. Your fence company will be a valuable resource when it comes to making these decisions.

    Checking References and Qualifications
    Even if the team seems knowledgeable and they have received positive reviews online, it is important for your fence company to be qualified for the job. Make sure that they are licensed and insured and stand by their work so you are not left to repair a flashy yet rapidly deteriorating job.

  • The Steps of Building a Wood Fence

    A wood fence is a beautiful addition to any home. When you install a new cedar fence, your fence contractor will install your new fence using several precise steps and measurements. The first step of a fence installation is to measure out the fence line. Once the fence line has been determined, your contractor will dig postholes at regular intervals. With the posts in place, the rest of the wood fence can be constructed. A fence company in Palm Beach will be able to assist you with all of your fence repair and installation needs. By working with a highly rated company for your fence installation, you will be able to create a beautiful fence that lasts for years to come. To take a look at the steps of building a wood fence, watch this video from This Old House.

  • Protecting Your Pooch with a Dog Proof Fence

    For many dog owners, their pet is a beloved member of the family. If you are seeking a great way to protect your dog when he or she spends time in the yard, you may want to consider installing a dog proof fence. A wood fence or vinyl fence can be constructed with features that will ensure that your furry friend is unable to escape from your backyard. By working with a quality fence company in Palm Beach, you can create a dog proof fence that is both beautiful and functional. To help you with your fence installation, here are some factors to consider when installing a dog proof fence.

    Height is an important consideration when you are creating a dog proof fence . The ideal height of your fence will depend on the breed and athletic abilities of your dog. For example, if your dog is Wood Fences in Palm Beach very agile, you will need to install a fence that is taller than his top jump height. Lower fences are a good choice for smaller dog breeds.

    Along with fence height, you will also need to consider materials when you are creating a dog proof fence. To ensure that your dog is unable to break out of your yard, you will need to construct your fence out of materials that cannot be chewed apart or broken. For example, durable wood or vinyl fences will provide a terrific level of protection, and cannot be damaged by the average dog.

    As you are planning your dog proof fence, it is important to consider the style of your new fence installation. A dog proof fence can be both a functional and attractive addition to your home and yard. To create a fence that matches with your home, you can consider factors such as materials, colors, and landscaping. By working with a highly rated fence contractor, you will be able to get the most out of your fence installation.

  • Types of Backyard Fences

    If you are looking for a great way to spruce up your backyard, you may want to consider installing a new fence. A backyard fence will enhance the privacy of your property, while also adding beauty and structure to your landscaping. When you are planning your fence installation, there are several types of backyard fences that you may want to consider. For example, a privacy fence will ensure that your backyard is a safe and secure space for your family. If your backyard has a pool, you may also want to incorporate a pool safety fence into your design. A rustic wood fence can add charm and appeal to your backyard. For more information about the types of backyard fences that are available to you, you can work with a fence company in Palm Beach. Your fence contractor will have the knowledge and materials needed to construct the perfect fence for your home and backyard.

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