• Top Tips for Planning a Fence Installation

    Just like a new garage door or a fresh coat of paint on the house, a new fence installation can liven up your property and improve your home’s curb appeal. If you want to make the most of your new fence and enjoy it for a lifetime, there are a few important elements to consider as you narrow down your options. Here is a look at some of the top tips for planning a fence installation with your Palm Beach fence contractor.

    Think About Your Reasons
    If you do not know much about fences, the endless choices and options you have may be overwhelming. It helps to start your search by thinking about why you want a new fence. Although many fences can serve multiple purposes at the Fence Installation in Palm Beach same time, certain fences tend to have specific strong suits. For example, small picket fences are not ideal if you are looking to add more privacy to your home. Privacy fences tend to be tall and dense, and they often feature pickets that are close together or touching. Considering the reasoning behind your desire for a new fence is the first step in determining what kind of fence installation is best for you.

    Be a Good Neighbor
    Always remember that your new fence can make a substantial impact on your neighbors’ properties even though it is built on your own. It is a good idea to talk to your neighbors before constructing a new fence so they are not surprised when they see the fence company at your house. This will give your neighbors a chance to voice any concerns they may have, which may ultimately preserve a friendly relationship.

    Consider the Maintenance Requirements
    Wooden fences are known for their natural beauty, but they may need to be stained and finished every few years. If this is not something you are interested in, consider going with PVC or vinyl fencing instead. This type of fence can replicate the looks of other types of fences while requiring little to no maintenance. Your Palm Beach fence contractor can tell you more about the maintenance requirements for the various fences you are considering.

  • Your PVC Fencing Options

    If you are looking for a versatile fencing that can stand the test of time with little to no maintenance, look no further than PVC fences. PVC fences are among the most practical as well as the most aesthetically appealing types of fencing, and a wide range of styles is available.

    PVC fencing is also durable, safe, and attractive. Not only is PVC fencing stronger than wood, but it’s also very flexible. This makes it particularly effective in areas where storms are a regular concern. PVC fencing is also unlike wood fencing in that vinyl fence panels are not prone to rotting or termite. On the other hand, PVC fences can be designed to closely replicate wooden fences, allowing you to enjoy the look without being tied down by the maintenance. An occasional washing with soap and water can keep this kind of fence looking brand new for years. With a wide selection of different colors and an equally extensive array of styles, your PVC fencing options in Palm Beach are nearly limitless.

    PVC Fencing Options in Palm Beach

  • A Look at Wood Fence Repairs

    When it comes to new fence installations, there aren’t many more beautiful sights than a new wood fence in Palm Beach . Before purchasing a wood fence, however, it is important to realize that you will have to provide the proper maintenance if you want to enjoy this look for many years to come. There are many aspects of a wood fence that may eventually require repairs, so it helps to familiarize yourself with all of them. Read on for a look at wood fence

    Wood Fence in Palm Beachrepairs.

    As a new wood fence owner, rot will be your worst enemy. Rot can prevent posts from holding a rail in place, but this does not necessarily mean that the whole rail must be replaced. Start by applying wood preservative to any damaged area to make sure that rot does not spread to the rest of the fence. Now nail a 2×4 cleat to the post in the area just below the rail so that the rail can sit on top of it for extra support, and secure the rail itself to the cleat.

    A wobbly fence is never a good sign. If you want your beautiful wood fence to keep standing, you may have to repair one or more posts over time. In many cases you can use splints to make sure your fence remains vertical. You will need to use a pair of 2x4s and drive one end of each into the ground on each side of the post. You can then attach one end of a splint to the 2×4 and one to the post on each side to improve its stability.

    Homeowners often surround their properties with wood fence and use a gate to access their homes. Troubleshooting a gate typically starts with its hinges. If the gate section of your wood fence is not functioning properly, check to see if the hinges are bent or loose. If the hinges are not at fault, the problem may be excessive weight or misalignment of the gate. If the gate was not installed properly, contact your Palm Beach fence installation contractor to re-install the gate or install a new gate entirely.

  • A Fence Installation Guide

    There are several factors to consider before installing a new fence in Palm Beach such as how your neighbors will be affected, the type of fence you want to construct, and why you want a fence in the first place. Watch this video clip for additional information on making the right choice when it comes to your new fence.

    You may want to construct a new fence for any number of reasons. You might want to allow your pets to roam around your backyard without having to worry about them wandering off, or maybe you just want to boost the aesthetic appeal of your yard. Be sure to talk to your neighbors before beginning your fence installation, and determine exactly where your property line lies so the fence is built within your property. Remember that while chain link and vinyl fences tend to be relatively maintenance free, more elaborate wood fences will need maintenance in order to retain their natural aesthetic. Your Palm Beach fence contractor can help you select the right fence based on these and other important factors.

  • Protect Fido With a Dog Proof Fence

    Much like children, pets should be cherished and protected at all times; however, they should still be allowed to run around and play outside. Fortunately the right types of fences in Palm Beach can provide you with the peace of mind you need to know that your pets are safe and sound when they go outside for some exercise. Read on to learn how to protect your four-legged friend with a dog-proof fence.

    Fences come in all kinds of designs and styles; while some do an excellent job of providing your property with an extra layer of privacy, others are for more aesthetic purposes. When it comes to protecting your pets, it is important that you put careful consideration into choosing your fence style. While tiny picket fences may be nice for outlining your property, Fences in Palm Beach it is unlikely that they will do a sufficient job of containing and protecting your dog . A dog proof fence should be difficult to jump over, burrow under, or chew through. Consider thick wooden or plastic fences that will do an adequate job of containing your furry friend without any risk of injury.

    When choosing a fence to keep your dog in your yard, consider the size of both the fence and the dog. Even small dogs tend to be able to jump to significant heights, and many of these crafty canines can find clever ways to reach new heights. If you think your dog could scale your fence with little effort, it is much too small. It is a good idea to build your fence a bit taller than you think you might be necessary, just in case.

    A functional fence does not have to lack visual appeal. In fact, the right fence can enhance your curbside appeal as well as contain your pet. Consider a tall, wooden fence with slightly spaced pickets to allow sunlight into your yard. You can also experiment with different colors and decorative designs for aesthetic purposes.