• Creative Fence Design Ideas

    Why not have some fun while creating your new fence design ? A creative fence design can compliment the look and feel of your home, unifying the design of your house and yard. Creative fences can instill your residence with a truly one-of-a-kind character that sets your house apart from your neighbor’s. Best of all, you don’t need to be an artist or an architect to design a creative fence. With today’s wide range of materials, anyone can design a custom fence that suits their needs and aesthetic sensibilities.

    Wood fences are highly customizable. If your home is traditional, you may be interested in a wood fence that compliments its heritage like a picket or scalloped fence. Homeowners with modern tastes may wish to express this predilection by choosing a sleek shadowbox fence. If you wish to get truly creative in the design of your wood fence, the possibilities are endless, because wood can be painted or stained in any color. PVC fences are also terrific for this reason. PVC can be manufactured in just about any color to suit your creative preference.


  • Creating a Natural Wood Fence Stain

    If you are looking for an all-natural stain for your wood fence near Palm Beach County, look no further than your own kitchen. You can concoct a simple wood stain for your fence with just a few common ingredients. Natural stains are safe, environmentally friendly, and produce gorgeous organic patinas on wood fences. Watch this video about how to create a unique stain that will compliment any fence design.

    Mix a half cup used coffee grounds with a steel wool pad in a one-quart jar. For best results, cut the steel wool pad into several pieces and be sure that any soap residue has been removed from the pad. Add vinegar to fill the jar and set the entire mixture aside for 24 hours. Once the mixture is ready, it can be applied to your wood fence to produce a beautiful, deep silver stain.

  • Is a Chain Link Fence Right for Your Property?

    If you are exploring your options for fencing in Palm Beach County, it is helpful to know the advantages of various fencing materials. Chain link fencing is a popular choice for home and business owners due to its reliable performance and cost efficiency. In order to determine if chain link fencing is right for your property, consider your needs in a few key areas.


    Containment Needs

    If one of the main roles of your fence will be to contain children or pets, a chain link fence can be a good choice. If you are fencing a dog yard, be sure that you select a fence that is high enough that your canine will not be able to jump or climb over it. If your dog is a digger, chain link may not be the best option because its foundation is not buried below ground. If you are fencing a pool area to prevent access by children, be sure that the fence is not easily climbable. A chain link fence is also an excellent option for containing wayward balls inside of a tennis or sports court.

    Security Needs

    A chain link fence makes an effective and imposing barrier against unwanted visitors. Many homeowners and business owners choose chain link fencing to keep out animal and human intruders. Chain link fencing is available in a variety of heights, up to 12 feet. A 3-foot fence will provide a visual barrier to delineate personal property. A shorter fence will also provide an effective barrier that protects your landscaping from small animals. A taller fence will block almost any trespasser, protecting your home or business.

    Budget Needs

    If you are cost conscious, a chain link fence is a great choice for your property. Chain link fencing is an economical choice due to its low initial cost, low installation cost, and low maintenance cost. Chain link is a sturdy material that will last for years and does not require repainting. A chain link fence is also a terrific option for temporary fencing because it requires comparatively little effort to put-up or dismantle.

  • Comparing Metal and PVC Fencing

    If you are a home or a business owner deciding between aluminum metal or PVC fencing in Pompano or Palm Beach County, knowing the strengths of each material will be key in making your decision. Keep reading for a candid comparison of these two popular fencing materials.



    Both aluminum and PVC fencing are winners in the maintenance category. Both materials will retain their looks and efficiency, without requiring repainting. Aluminum fencing can be hosed down from time to time to remove dirt and debris. To give your aluminum fence a spotless shine, wash it with mild soap and water. PVC fencing requires similar periodic maintenance. It can be scrubbed with a gentle brush or sprayed and wiped with a recommended household cleaning product. It is important to regularly inspect both your metal and PVC fence for loose parts such as fasteners or hinges. Proper maintenance will ensure a lifetime of performance.


    Aluminum and PVC fences are both excellent choices in term of their longevity. Both materials are known for their durability and long lifespan. Aluminum fencing will not rust or corrode like other metals, so it is great for areas that experience high humidity. Neither material is susceptible to damage from insects or weather-induced rotting and splintering. Another benefit of both aluminum and PVC fencing is that individual portions can be replaced if damage is incurred.


    Both aluminum and PVC fencing are customizable. A PVC fence can be manufactured in a range of colors to compliment the aesthetic of your home. Additionally, PVC fencing typically offers more privacy than aluminum fencing. If you are choosing fencing material for an area where you wish to block a neighbor’s view, PVC fencing is an excellent choice. On the other hand, aluminum fencing is a great choice for a front yard where you wish to enclose your property without obscuring the facade of your home. Furthermore, aluminum fencing offers homeowners a classic aesthetic, and can be fabricated to look like wrought iron.