• Repairing a Wood Fence Gate

    There are times when a wooden fence must undergo routine maintenance and repairs. With a qualified fence company near Palm Beach County and Coral, these repairs can be done quickly. If a wood fence gate is sagging, then a fence contractor can likely repair the gate in a similar fashion to the repair done in the attached video. Continue reading to learn more about repairing a wood fence gate.

    With a wooden fence design, age, damage, and weather can cause a wooden gate to sag. As seen in the video, a simple repair might include reinforcing the hinges connecting the gate to the rest of the fence. Consult with a qualified fencing contractor to ensure the right technique is being used to restore a sagging gate to its straightened and sturdy form.

  • What to Look for in a Privacy Fence

    Having plenty of privacy is one of the best ways to make the most out of your property and feel comfortable in your home and backyard. If you are considering privacy fence installation in Palm Beach County, then read on for tips on what you should be looking for in this type of fencing . privacy - fence

    The Perfect Height

    The height of your privacy fence will play a significant role in its ability to function in the way that you are hoping. Most privacy fences are 6 to 8 feet in height. If you choose a 6-foot fence design but your neighbors have a deck that allows them to see over the fence into your yard, then this can defeat the purpose of the installation. Be sure to choose a fence height that helps ensure the maximum amount of privacy for you and your family. An additional consideration is that some areas have building codes regulating the type and height of fencing allowed, so be sure that you choose a fence that falls within these regulations.

    The Best Style

    For obvious reasons, privacy fencing should be made in a way that completely blocks any view through the fencing, so be sure to choose a variety that is solid throughout its design. In addition to this, it’s important to consider material when settling on your privacy fence style. Wood, PVC, and vinyl tend to be the most popular choices for this type of fencing. Many people select wood for its aesthetic appeal, but keep in mind that this material will require more upkeep than other options.

    The Right Features

    When people choose to install a privacy fence, it’s often to achieve more than just better security and privacy for their property. Your privacy fence can provide you with sound proofing properties, a safe enclosure for your children and pets, added protection from the effects of weather on your home, and greater backyard comfort and convenience. Also, be sure that you take your property’s walkways and enclosed areas into consideration when creating your new fence design to help get the most benefit out of your investment.

  • Your Guide to Aluminum Fence Maintenance

    Aluminum is among the most popular and durable fence materials available, and one of the primary benefits of choosing aluminum is that it is low-maintenance. However, there are a few things that you should do to help keep your fencing in great condition. Are you getting ready for aluminum fence installation near Light House Point ? If so, then continue reading to learn about how to maintain your property’s new fence. aluminum - fence

    Wash Your Fence

    Over time, dirt, debris, and any chemicals that you might use in your landscaping or pool can build up on your fencing. When allowed to accumulate, this buildup can make your fencing look dull and cause hinges to work less efficiently. Periodically removing this buildup is an easy and effective way to maintain your fence and keep it looking great. Simply use a bucket of warm water and a few drops of mild dish soap to clean your aluminum fence, and then rinse it free of suds and allow it to air dry.

    Maintain Your Landscaping

    While aluminum is a tough and lasting material, your property’s landscaping can affect its stability and appearance if given a chance to do so. To help maintain the look and function of your aluminum fence long-term, be sure to regularly maintain your landscaping by consistently mowing your lawn, pruning back trees and shrubs, and managing weeds and similar growth that might otherwise grow into, over, or around the fencing.

    Don’t Delay Repairs

    While your aluminum fence will be built to last for years, taking care of any small problems as they arise can help reduce the need for costly repairs or early replacement. To help keep your fencing in great condition, inspect its entire length once per year while looking out for signs of wear or damage. By taking care of problems like loose hinges, broken fasteners, and leaning spots right away, you can help make your aluminum fence last even longer.

  • Keeping Kids Safe with a Pool Fence

    Are you planning to have a pool installed? If so, then adding a pool fence will play an important part in keeping kids and pets safe when in your yard by creating a physical barrier between them and the water. Watch this video to learn what to consider when adding safety to your pool with fence installation near Palm Beach County.

    Pool fencing should be at least 4 to 5 feet high and impossible for children to climb. Also, the fence design must include a gate that kids can’t reach and that latches on its own. The fence should surround the entire pool area. If part of your home blocks off a section, then ensure that your windows and doors remained locked and have alarms.