• Get Design Inspiration for Your New Wood Fence Using This Free App

    Wooden fences are beautiful, traditional, and can be a great addition to your home. If you’re getting ready to install new wood fencing in Light House Point and need some inspirational ideas, then try downloading the free Wooden Fence Design app.

    The Wooden Fence Design app is packed with images that you can browse to help you decide on a fence type, height, and color for your home, or simply to find some new fence design inspiration. Also, this free app allows you to consider various wooden fence designs at your convenience using your mobile device. For these reasons, this app can be a great tool to use as you prepare for fence installation.

  • Turn Your Backyard into a Peaceful Retreat with Privacy Fence Installation

    You deserve your privacy, and your fence near Coral Springs helps you make the most of it. A brand-new fence installation might increase your curb appeal and your home’s value as well as allow you to enjoy your privacy without worrying about the outside world. Choose the right fence design, materials, and dimensions to fully enjoy your investment, and work with the professionals when it comes to installation. If you think there’s something missing from your property, read ahead and turn your backyard into a peaceful retreat with a privacy fence installation.

    How You’ll Benefit Man installing red privacy fence in Palm Beach

    If you just want to get away from it all for a while and enjoy some peace and quiet in your own backyard, you might consider adding a privacy fence to your property. Putting up a fence that surrounds your backyard will make it tough for people on the other side to see what you’re doing. Privacy fences are great for homes that border highways, as they can block out the sound in addition to keeping people from seeing your outdoor living space. When you don’t have to hear the constant sound of traffic, you can focus on enjoying your peace in your yard.

    What to Consider

    For your privacy fence to actually offer you privacy, you should know what kinds of materials to work with. Privacy fences are typically composed of thick slats that are arranged close to each other to prevent people on the other side from seeing through. A small wooden fence with just a couple of slats and pickets won’t do nearly as much for your privacy. Build your fence up tall enough that the average person can’t see right over it, and keep your slats close enough together that people can’t see through them.

    Who to Work With

    Your new fence will only take away from your peace and your privacy if it’s always falling apart. Professional fence installation will set you up for success and keep your privacy fence upright, so you can relax in your peaceful backyard retreat.

  • My Yard Slopes. Can I Still Get a Fence Installed?

    A sloping yard can provide unique design challenges for any homeowner. If you are seeking a new fence installation, but your yard has a significant grade, you can work with a residential fencing company in Palm Beach County to create a custom design for your yard. By working with a team of professionals, you will find that fence installation is straightforward for your sloped property.

    There are a few design options for creating a fence on sloped ground. When the slope is fairly gentle, it may be possible for your contractor to install a fence that simply ignores the grade. Steeper properties, by contrast, may require custom vinyl fence panels that are built to accommodate the dips in elevation. Stepped panels can also be used to build a custom fence that gradually follows the natural slope of the terrain. Your fence contractor can discuss the various design options that are available for your specific yard.

    sloped - fence

  • What Parents Should Know About Pool Fences

    A backyard swimming pool can provide you and your children with the opportunity to create lifelong memories. Without the proper fencing, however, your pool could also become a place of incredible tragedy. To ensure that your young kids are safe when they are using the pool, you will want to construct a secure fence for your pool area . A company that offers fences in Palm Beach County will be able to work with you to create a pool safety fence that is able to protect your children from harm. Before you get in touch with your fencing contractors, read on to learn about what you need to know about pool fences and your kids. pool - fencing

    Pool Fences Can Prevent Drowning

    The risk of drowning is a challenge that is faced by any family that owns and maintains a backyard pool. According to recent surveys, most pool drowning incidents occur when young children are able to access pools without adult supervision. In order to make sure that your kids are not able to swim in the pool without a parent present, you will want to install a secure safety fence around its perimeter.

    Pool Fences Can Contain Child Proof Materials

    As you are constructing your pool fence, you will want to use materials and latches that are fully childproof. If a young child is able to open the pool fence gate and enter the pool area alone, he or she will still be at risk of drowning. An experienced pool contractor can guide you towards materials and fixtures that will help protect your pool fence and gate from young hands.

    Pool Fences Provide Peace of Mind

    By taking the time to install a secure fence around your pool, you can provide yourself and your family members with total peace of mind. Once you have locked down the pool area, you will know that your young kids will not be able to wander off and accidentally fall into your pool. A pool contractor can provide you with more information about the benefits of installing a secure pool fence in your yard.

  • Could Your Feline Companion Benefit from a Catio?

    As a cat owner, you may have a feline that loves being outdoors. However, keeping your cats inside helps them stay safe. If you face this dilemma and want to provide your cat with a way to enjoy being outside while staying safe at the same time, then you have a great reason to consider catio installation. If you’re interested in taking advantage of this type of fencing in Palm Beach County , then there are several benefits to consider.

    A catio is a fenced in enclosure that is typically attached to a home and accessible through a cat door. Catio fencing can be installed in a variety of custom styles, allowing you to create a safe, outdoor space for your feline friend to enjoy that fits into your backyard design and the available space that you have. This type of fence installation provides cat owners with a practical way to give their feline companions space to play and lounge outdoors within a protected fence enclosure.

    catio - installation

  • Why PVC Is the Right Choice for Low-Maintenance Fencing

    Installing a PVC fence near Palm Beach County or Light House Point is a smart investment. PVC fencing is hardy, low-maintenance, and attractive. A low-maintenance PVC fence installation will save you money, while still enhancing your home’s privacy and security. PVC fencing mimics the color, grain, and style of natural wood fencing, but it doesn’t require yearly maintenance. pvc - fencing

    Your PVC fencing will not warp, crack, or break over time, and it isn’t vulnerable to extreme weather or temperatures. PVC fences are resistant to scratches, cracks, mold, stains, insects, and termites. They are also manufactured and installed using environmentally friendly materials and methods. A PVC fence installation will save you time and money, as you won’t need to hire a fencing contractor or fence company again for repairs or replacements.

    PVC fences also offer a huge variety in fence designs, styles, and colors. You can work closely with your fencing contractor to ensure that your new fence installation complements the overall exterior aesthetic of your home. When you compare natural wood fencing with PVC fences, you can’t tell the difference between the two. PVC fences are so stylish and sophisticated that they look remarkably similar to natural wood fencing, but without the cost and work.

  • Gearing Up for a Fence Installation

    When you are seeking additional privacy and security in your backyard, you may want to consider a new fence installation. In this video from Angie’s List, you will learn all about the benefits of installing a fence on your property. Today’s fences can be constructed from a variety of materials, including vinyl, wood, and chain link. Before you install a new fence in Palm Beach County , it is a great idea to research the relative advantages of each type of fencing product. A vinyl fence, for example, requires little to no maintenance and will be a beautiful addition to your property. With assistance from your fence company, you will be able to pick out the right fencing material for your needs. After you have chosen the material for your new fence, you will be ready to get started on the fence installation process.

  • Creating a Natural Wood Fence Stain

    If you are looking for an all-natural stain for your wood fence near Palm Beach County, look no further than your own kitchen. You can concoct a simple wood stain for your fence with just a few common ingredients. Natural stains are safe, environmentally friendly, and produce gorgeous organic patinas on wood fences. Watch this video about how to create a unique stain that will compliment any fence design.

    Mix a half cup used coffee grounds with a steel wool pad in a one-quart jar. For best results, cut the steel wool pad into several pieces and be sure that any soap residue has been removed from the pad. Add vinegar to fill the jar and set the entire mixture aside for 24 hours. Once the mixture is ready, it can be applied to your wood fence to produce a beautiful, deep silver stain.

  • Repairing a Wood Fence

    After your fence installation near Pompano, your new fence will be an attractive addition to your yard. Whether you choose vinyl fencing or wood fencing for your installation, you can be sure that your new fence will last for many years to come. To keep your fence looking great, it may be necessary to schedule fence gate repairs. During your fencing repair procedure, a technician will use specialized tools and techniques to return your fence gate to the proper height. If you have noticed that your fence gate is visibly sagging or difficult to open or close, it may be time to call in the fencing repair experts. For a closer look at the steps of repairing a wood fence, check out this video from ehowhome.

  • Types of Wood Used for Fencing

    As long as you are prepared to do regular maintenance on your fencing, you should check out some of the different types of wooden fences that are available today. There are many kinds of wood that are used to create fences in Palm Beach County, and when you have one installed on your property, you will see the benefit of doing it right away. Here are just a few of the types of wood that you will be able to choose from when you decide on a wooden fence.

    Wood Used Fencing

    Western Red Cedar

    When you install wooden fencing in your yard, there are certain things that are going to pose dangers to it. For example, moisture, insects, and the wind can all harm your wooden fence. Western red cedar fences are very beautiful, but more importantly, they are able to withstand water, rot, infestations involving insects, and more.

    White Oak

    While white oak fencing does tend to warp over time, it’s one of the toughest woods that you will find when it comes to fencing. It will likely last you for many years as long as you maintain it, and it will serve as the focal point of your property due to its beauty. No matter what kind of weather you are faced with in Pompano, you can rest assured knowing your white oak fence will be able to stand up to it.

    Black Locust

    Are you installing a fence to keep animals inside of it? Black locust fences are durable enough to do it. Many farmers and those who own horses rely on black locust because it is widely considered one of the strongest woods on the market. You can fence animals in by installing black locust posts that will stand the test of time.

    Tropical Hardwoods

    Many people use tropical hardwoods inside their homes, but these days, some are also incorporating them into fence design. It can be expensive to use tropical hardwoods, but if you’re concerned with the way your fence looks, you can’t go wrong with this type of wood.